Do your Homework First (& Pricing Philosophy)


Tradeoffs We receive requests from some prospective clients that have done little or no research before they purchase an item. Sometimes they "inherit" it, get it on eBAY, find it at a flea market or "dollar store", or come across a great deal they can not refuse. They do not know exactly how it works, gets installed, and most often, how it is going to fit. Too often, we must inform them that the item being discussed is not appropriate, or will not work as they intended.

Unfortunately, in the above situations, the individual is not used to sourcing (or desire to) the quality of products and manufacturing that ZRD provides. We attempt to ascertain if the potential customer is desiring a professional solution or just a "Walmart" Shopper. We appreciate the expenses a boat owner allocates in their budget, but in the later situation, we attempt to inform the individual as soon as possible of the proper solutions available and the associated estimated price ranges before we get too deep and realize the individual has no prior knowledge of what a professional solution may cost and is beyond their budget. A multi $,$$$ proper solution costs just that. It is not possible to provide it for a few $$$. Either the product would not be as promised, designed, or have any life cycle.

May we offer a suggestion? Before you purchase anything, do your homework first. Pass up on the deal, unless you are prepared to place it in the garbage and not look back. Make sure it is something you need or want, is appropriate for your vessel, works or is repairable for little expense, and most importantly, make sure it is the proper fit or mount as the case may be. Also, what are the alternatives? Are any of them a better solution?

ZRD is always available to answer your questions and give guidance free of charge. ZRD solutions are the result of many years of experience, consideration of the customer's requirements, needs, desires, and funding. ZRD does not compromise on quality. Ultimately, the decision is always the client's, but ZRD will inform them if the intended action is not advisable. ZRD always delivers the facts, even when it may be unpleasant to hear. The result is that you will end up with a solution you are satisfied with and is going to provide years of trouble free service. Of course, proper routine and preventive maintenance is required for the latter.

If your only criterion is price or let it be the sole determining factor, you will end up with an inadequate, improper, or unsafe solution. ZRD knows our solutions are very cost effective, but there is a reasonable, nominal cost associated with adequate quality. ZRD strives to keep costs in line and part of the process, but quality always determines our solutions first and then we attempt to find the best method to keep costs at their minimum while achieving that correct solution. It is an area we ZRD will not compromise on or pay lip service to. If your approach is hard fast to use an undersized unit, purchase a low bidder, attempt to price war each item, or any other any non-desirable methodology, you should not use our service or products unless you are receptive to learn the reasons behind our approaches and willing to modify a cost only philosophy.

ZRD's reasoning behind having proper total solution pricing is to provide the adequate information and support our customers requirements and desire. Due to the many reasons already explained, ZRD has found that with multiple split vendor solutions, ZRD will inevitably be the support provider of choice and need. A number of times, when customers have looked at the total costs associated with varied solutions, our proposals are usually significantly less than their initial uneducated look at price only - and even less costly than a "discount outlet". Saving a few dollars today (on skimping) will not actually save, but will end up actually costing many hundreds or thousands of dollars at some point.

ZRD is often contacted after potential customers have already purchased equipment from so-called discount outlets. This scenario is analogous to individuals wanting to purchase Rx medications without ever seeing or talking to a physician; Simply, they do not want to pay for a doctor visit for many reasons, but ultimately, $$$$ is at the root cause. What they do not realize is the many years of experience a physician has that may prevent damage or loss of life he may uncover during something as simple as an office visit. In this scenario, he is trained for proper use and interactions of those medications. If you are in an ongoing basis with that physician, a simple phone call may sometimes be all that is required to procure that Rx - often without an office visit and cost. In the analogous situation, these so-called discount outlets offer no support at all outside of defective product return. They have no expertise in who, what, when, where, and most importantly WHY. They do not even know if you are ordering the correct product, but they will sell you the incorrect one at a discount. Again, in the long run, ZRD has shown this to be a flawed approach costing consumers more than time and $$$$. If they had contacted ZRD at the onset and had the complete design done professionally (instead of just placing non-related items in a shopping cart based solely on price and good intentions), many missteps would have been avoided.

Regarding installation - we work closely with a local professional of your choosing. This is mainly due to the fact that ZRD supplies assistance worldwide. Working with your local professional, allows you to control costs and have someone that is familiar with your vessel should anything ever need (rare event for ZRD manufactured items) service. We provide them, free of charge, all the assistance they may need in order to provide you a proper installation. This may consist of suggestions, recommendations, graphics, diagrams, and even parts. The last item does have a cost associated sometimes. We treat them as an extension of yourself. Should you ever be passing the central Florida area, feel free to give us a "local" call. If we are available, we may offer to come by and give you free "assistance" and guidance for future endeavors.

Good luck on your endeavors. Hopefully, it will not be left to luck. Rather, just Do Your Homework First. Remember to complete all of it and do not leave any questions blank. We assist to provide the questions and answers to the one's you have not asked or even considered.

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