How & Why to add a Switch
to control your External Regulator


On Off Switch
Cole Hersee Switch 5582-BX
  • Look at the pictures to the left, It really is that simple. They are two versions (one has wires attached, other screw tabs) of the same switch. The Screw tab version is the Cole Hersee Company model #5582-BX. It is rated at 25 amps @ 12vdc.

• Per the MaxCharge regulator manual, The Ignition (BROWN) wire is connected to the engine key and serves as the ON/OFF switch for the regulator. It will have no voltage when the engine key is off and have battery voltage when the key is on.

• As a ZRD preferred alternative, instead of connecting the brown wire to the engine key or a pressure switch, attach it to one side (cold) of a user supplied switch (such as the on/off switch shown in the picture). Attach a user supplied wire to the other side (hot) of the switch and connect it to the positive (red) terminal on the battery or alternator.

• This simple switch allows the user much flexibility in deciding when, how, why, ... the alternator should be supplying power for loads or charging. On smaller vessels with smaller engines, this is sometimes critical to gain extra power when needed. Turning off the engine key would not be a realistic option.

Mounted Regulator On Off Switch   In this picture (on the left), a completed installation inside an engine room is shown. A small flat piece of stainless was attached near the companionway stairs support. A hole was pre-drilled in the middle of the attached (using 2 wood screws) stainless plate to allow the on/off switch to be inserted and locked in place with the switch's screw threads and nut. A screwed on rubber boot was added, but was not necessary for this dry location.

It's location allowed easy access before and after engine starts and as the engine was running should it be necessary or desireable to turn off the alternator. Also, this location was chosen because it was easy to access during 30 minute engine checks during cruise and normal operation.

Assembled Regulator Switch
Installed Mounting Box and On Off Switch
  In the two left images, you will see a lighted switch mounted it in a mostly water-proof enclosure. The switch is used to control the external regulator by turning it On or Off as needed. This is instead of running your alternator 100% of the time your engine is running - whether you need it or not. This switch also allows deactivation of the alternator should extra power be required (on smaller vessels) to deal with strong currents or other environmental situations. Should there be an electrical malfunction (on any size vessel), it also allows for immediate deactivation of all energized circuits associated with the alternator and its associated electrical power production.

The parts and simple assembly instructions are now included (shown assembled in top image) as standard equipment in ZRD TSP packages. This enables customers to custom position their installed switch to fit their vessel.

A customer desired to have his wiring exit the left side of the switch enclosure (shown installed in bottom image) instead of the bottom. The ZRD supplied TSP enclosure allows the user to decide according to vessel logistics.

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