Weather, Oceanography, & Related Information


*   Radar Sites
      • NWS  - zoom in capabilities
      • Intellicast  - zoom in capabilities
      • SFWMD - Voluminous Data
*   Select Satellite links
      • US Visible via GOES
      • US IR via GOES
      • Atlantic and Caribbean Tropical Satellite Imagery
      • SEUS, GOM, Atlantic Ocean & Carribean Visible Loop
        (Great for Hurricane Overview)

*   Sea States (wave height & direction)
      • Global Wave HT & Wind Speed 180hr Animation
      • Wave Heights - 00 to 144 hours out
*   Moored Buoy & C-Man Station(s)
      • Florida
      • Southeast
*   Surf Cams (conditions near shore and some inlets)
      • Florida
      • Limited Worldwide
*   Gulf Stream (servers are sometimes unavailable)
      • Overall View plus options
      • Current Position with velocities for last 4wks plus
      • Animated views of above link
*   Sea Surface Temperature
      • Worldwide
*   Surface Analysis
      • Future 60 Hr Loop - CONUS
      • Previous 24Hr Loop - CONUS
      • NW ATLANTIC (Boston)
      • NE PACIFIC (Pt. Reyes)
      • ALASKA and NORTH PACIFIC (Kodiak)
*   Astronomical Data
      • Sunrise, Sunset, Moon ..., Venus, Eclipse...
      • Solar System Live Current Position of Planets, ...
      • View from the Sun User Selectable Views available
*   Tide and Current Predictor
      • Tide and Current Prediction
*   Compute Variation
      • Variation Computation by Lat/Long
*   Reference
      • Wind Chill & Heat Index Charts
      • Water Survival (Hypothermia) Chart
      • Trigonometry, Pythagorean Theorem, and Square Roots
      • Common Conversion Units

Various NOAA Products
      • NOAA Home Page
          – Atlantic (w PR, VI), Gulf, Pacific, Alaska, Great Lakes
                ICW Chart 11485 - Includes Titusville Marina
          – Weather Prediction Center
          – Weather Page
          – Marine and Coastal Weather
          – Ocean Page
          – Satellite Information and Products
          – Hydro-Metorological Prediction Center   Future S/A Charts
          – Charting and Navigation
      • Aviation Wx   For those trained - invaluable
      • Hurricane Season Occurrence Image
      • Tropical Cyclone Climatology Where and When
      • Hurricane Predictions vs. Occurrence Image
  Accuracy of predictions has not been good since 1995 and starts major departure (2004) prior to Hurricane Charley. ZRD contends that historical is not 100% applicable - a new normal
      • National Hurricane Center For Atlantic and Eastern Pacific
      • Atlantic or Eastern Pacific Download or Print Tracking Charts

Good Web Sites
      •   A Very good overall Wx site
      • Mixed Surface Analysis   Animated frontal and pressure positions, satellite IR, cloud cover, precipitation
      • Great Smart Phone Website   A multitude of wx data small sized to fit a cell phone screen

Extensive Wx by Location
      • Extensive Conditions and Forecasts for Canada   Starting Point enabling investigation of this great Canadian Wx website

Not Wx, But Extremely Useful
      • Interstate 95 Road Conditions Florida to Maine - You may zoom + and - to detail desired.
      • Central and South Florida Real Time Road Conditions Florida - Daytona to Key West - Graphical plus Live Traffic Cameras.
      • ADS-B Exchange Worldwide Air Traffic with Details including Military!
      • Flight Radar 24 Centered on Florida, May see entire planet, Zoom in or out.

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